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    i've returned to the bright side after a year of adventures with multiples devices

    some of the devices that i've played briefly within a year:

    - k-jam then back to treo 650....
    - e61
    - SE m600i
    then BACK to
    - e61
    played briefly with
    - samsung i320n
    then BACK to
    - e61

    and finally to the crimson
    the crimson is one sexy device...but i do still need to relearn everything, especially the buttons layout....
    crap, they changed the whole thing!
    anyway it's good to be back to the bright side

    full size image:

    ps: i know, i haven't changed my signature too lazy to do it
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    I know I'm resurrecting an old post, but am very curious to know in what ways you prefer the 680 to the e61 as these are the two devices I'm trying to decide between.

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    Touch screen?
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    Quote Originally Posted by anonyME View Post
    Touch screen?
    Yes, but also colour, look and feel. But this is highly subjective.

    680 does not have 3G, so it does loose there. If you need 3G that is.
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    I gather that on of the Treo's strengths is its one-handed operation, somewhat negating the touchscreen. It would still be handy at times, but, and I know this is personal, I suspect that I might prefer WiFi to a touchscreen.

    Look and colour don;t matter much to me. Feel does, and the width of the Nokia worries me a bit, but then maybe that makes the keyboard easier.

    3G doesn't matter as data is stupid-expensive here in Australia. The phone will really just be used for voice/txt, PDA, MP3, and documents. The only data access would be WiFi (if I choose Nokia) and that would just be at home & the rare times I'm in a free hotspot.


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