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    I don't know if this is a problem or not, but its really annoying. I just turned in my Verizon 650 for the 700P. The 700P does not seem to hold onto the EVDO connection for longer than a few minutes. It's constantly coming up with the 'Connecting to Broadband Access' message and re-linking. I'm forced to run Good on this to get my corporate e-mail and now I have to manually use the Send/Receive option in the Good e-mail app to make sure I get the latest e-mails.

    Is it my device or is this the way the Verizon 700P works?
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    Works fine for me but I don't use Good. Do you have Verizon Wireless or Versamail setup? There may be a conflict.
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    Where are you located? I just converted from a 650 to a 700p on Verizon last week. I work in midtown Manhattan, and if I'm in my office building and on anything higher than about the 10th floor, I have terrible EVDO service and am constantly trying to reconnect, switch back to 1X, reconnect, etc. If I'm street level it's typically fine. I actually get better performance underground in some cases than up on higher floors...
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    Well, my Sprint 700p still gets EVDO fine anytime I happened to be in big bldgs past the 10th floor.

    Example, several times a month I happen to be at the Citi bldg here in NYC (53rd st to those who care), around the 29th floor and service is spot on.

    Maybe it's just a temporary network/capacity issue with VZW around your area.....
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    I'm about 30 miles south of Boston. Verizon is the carrier and I'm using Versa for my personal mail. Checked my mail this morning around 6. The 700P had not connecetd to EVDO since 11 pm last night. The minute I forced it to, all my Good and Versa mail showed up. This can't be right .
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    On certain accounts it may be set to "timeout" after a certain amount of time. If you are experiencing this problem and you have ruled out certain apps, (ex. I have chatter set to disconect when all mailboxes are offline) then you could try calling verizons data team and see if you get a knowledgable rep who can assist.

    This can also be due to losing a network connection, even for a second, while travleling or moving around more then 10 feet.

    There could be many reasons such as network loss, apps, and settings, so be patient. If you are trying to use push, then the program you are using should reconnect even after a timeout, also ask about the idle command when using push.

    My best guess is that a program, maybe goodlink/versamail, is not acting correctly, but the best way to find out is through elimination. good luck.
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