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    Been reading the many posts talking about lag on the 700p. I got a 700p not long ago and inmediately noticed it ws a little bit laggy - by laggy, I refer to the delay and occasional white screens when switching applications. Adding apps hasn't really seemed to make this problem better or worse.

    There is another issue, and I want to know if people are aware of it, and if it's also the same thing refered to here as "lag". The phone gets progressively slower the longer it says on after a reset. It's as if there was a background application sapping the CPU and it had no processing power left for anything else. Everything gets incredibly slow - scrolling, highlighting, movie playing, web browsing, everything. For example, using Kinoma's YouTube playing feature after a fresh reset is wonderful, it plays immediately at perfectly smooth framerates. After a half an hour, it will slow down and play the videos choppily if at all. Wait 2 hours and it will barely show a frame every 5 seconds. If I soft-reset the phone and try the same video right then and there, it works perfectly. In fact, the whole phone responds snappily for a few minutes after being soft-reset, only to dramatically slow down a few minutes later, even if the phone is just idle all that time.

    Is this what everyone understands as the "lag issue" or am I seeing something else? This makes the phone pretty much a useless dumb phone.
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    Thanks for your observation. Others will probably give you more details, but I'll make a first attempt and also give you some other subject areas to search.

    I believe that once your dbcache gets filled up, and you start running multiple programs that are in RAM. dbcache is a separate area of RAM where progams are moved to before running (because programs in Non-volatile RAM won't run fom NVRAM because it is too slow). When you are running multiple programs (some in background) and switching from app to app, after a while, the dbcache gets filled up and some programs need to be deleted if another program finds out it needs more RAM (of it you start yet another program). Also, the dbcache will get "fragmented" if some program used a larger chunk of dbcache RAM but then freed some of it. You'ld end up in a situation where maybe you have enough dbcache RAM to run a new app, but since it's not all in one chunk, this will mean that the request for memory cannot be satisfied. My guess is the PalmOS will flush the dbcache when this happens and any running apps would then have to re-request dbcahche RAM for their running. (I'm not exactly sure how this works. I have not studied the APIs.) There are programs (ie: butler) that will monitor the dbcache and flush it when it reaches a fullness threhshold that you specifiy. If you research this topic and become familiar with the concepts, next you will be able to log which programs need what as far as dbcache is concerned and intellegently set a threshold that keeps your treo running fast!

    hope this helps (others please feel free to correct anything I've said that is not totally true.)

    -- Bob
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    Thanks much for your advice Bob. However, I did not find such an option in Butler - I've been an owner of Butler since it came out and I just downloaded the latest version, can't find anything relating to dbcache. Can you recommend any other apps that do this?
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    I don't have butler installed at the moment. There is another app called ResetDoctor (formerly called PrefDoctor). I believe it is by the same author as Butler. That should give you what you need to manage this.

    Bottom line of the file at this url ( describes the part of ResetDoctor functionality that is in Butler, so butler cleans things up after bad apps, but butler does not manage the dbcache itself.
    -- Bob
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    Thanks Bob,

    I've been patiently testing my 700p since reinstalling Butler and I have to say that I'm not sure what it's doing but somehow my phone is not getting nearlya s sluggish as before. It's still not 100% fast like the 650 was, was it's usable now. I figure Butler must be doing something behind the scenes. Just for that I'll go ahead and buy Reset Doctor if only as a thank you token to the author (ConfusedVoltron, if I remember correctly, no?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NSiNSiNSi View Post
    (ConfusedVoltron, if I remember correctly, no?)
    Yes, that's him. I haven't purchased Reset Doctor yet (as I'm keeping the mix of apps as minimal as I can stand until I understand what does and does not work together.) Please, after a while, let us know if the cures in Reset Doctor work. If I recall correctly, there was one cure (the third one, I think) that you probably should not turn on unless you really need it.
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!

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