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    Has anybody found a useful Web browser for the Treo 680? By "useful" I mean one that can handle SSL, Javascript and CSS.

    So far I have tried Blazer, Xiino, Eudora and Opera Mini, but none of them will work on the websites that I would like to use (message boards, forums, online-banking, webmail, for example).

    All and any suggestions gratefully received .
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    Bumping this in the hope of some replies, now everyone is back from the holiday break. I have heard rumours of a hacked version of Web Pro 3 that might work, but no luck in tracking it down yet .
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    I had WebPro 3 on my T3, was the first application to be removed from Flash as soon as I got JackSprat !
    It was completely useless.

    I was very happy with Xiino, now using Blazer (webmail, forums, message boards. Even did moderator activities using Xiino ).
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    Unfortunately, Xiino doesn't handle secure pages (https:) correctly, so it doesn't work for me. If only Blazer had a working Javascript implementation and didn't impose a size limit on textareas I could use it. But it doesn't, hence the reason for this thread.

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