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    I have recently purchased a Visor Platinum and now i'm interested in getting a modem.....I have AOL so my question is this: Would Eudora be compatible or would I have to use the AOL to go plan? {or whatever it's called } Are there any other suggestions for that type of software that any of you may like better. I'm somewhat new to this so i'm looking for something that's painless and easy hahaha...My goal is to be able to read and send email, read newsgroups, message boards and browse the internet a little...Is that too much to expect?
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    With AOL you are restricted to just downloading mail and doing instant messaging. AOL uses a proprietary system. As such, you MUST use there AOL for Palm application. If you want to do the cool stuff we can do with out Visors and modem, dump AOl and get a real ISP.

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