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    I bought my Treo 650 from ebay 4 months back. It worked fine for couple of months but for last about a month it freezes very frequently and keys and screen everything is non-responsive and the only way to get it worked again is to remove the battery and re-insert and then after few minutes it freezes again.....But one thing I observed that it freezes at low temperatures (< 15 degree celcius approx) and works fine above that temperatures. Also, I'm using it in India and started having this problem as soon as the winters begun.
    Did anybody see the same issue. I have tried soft/hard reset but nothing worked. Kindly guide/help!!! ...Thanks in advance.
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    Try using it as a PDA only (switch off the connection to the cell network by pressing the red button). Does it still freeze?

    If this happens with the radio switched off, and after a hard reset (before you Hotsync), then I'd suspect bad hardware.

    Some GSM Treo's had a problem with loose SIM card tray. Put a couple of sheets of paper under the SIM card to improve the contact.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    If you're using old firmware, that's very likely the cause.. I had lots of times where my 650 would be frozen or moving very slowly until I soft reset it, but haven't seen it happen once since moving to 1.20/1.71 FW.

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