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    I keep browsing for cases and can't quite find what I want. I like the book style, but want to be able to see my screen for incoming calls.

    I like the pouch style for the overall protection they offer, but don't want to have to take the Treo out to use it.

    I don't wear belts and am short waisted anyway, so if I make myself wear a belt, anything clipped to it sticks me in the ribs.

    HOlsters don't offer enough protection from the environment for me,

    So I am kind of putting together one of my own cases.

    This is just a prototype and needs some refinement.

    I also want to add a "leaf" to it where I can tuck some biz cards and a buck or two into it. But this will fold across the back so I can see the Treo screen.

    Anyway - I am open for suggestions and ideas....
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    More pix of hte case idea in progress.
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    Cover the keys with plastic, but leave the screen open. Make the "leaf" with a window to see the screen and small pockets where the keys are. Then you could add some small pockets to the back of the case.
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    Why dont you start with whatever case you feel best fits you and modify that?
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    Is that a case or a dead raccoon?! looks a bit loose in all seriousness but it might do a job!
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    Yep, I am seriously considering doing just that.

    I like the Smartphone Experts little organizer case:

    And I thought I might be able to reverse their "organizer page" but that still leaves the screen and keys exposed to dust and dirt.

    And looking closely at their photos, I don't think reversing the "page" will work.

    LOL Bruckwine!
    Gives new meaning to the term "Treo skin" doesn't it?

    Actually the case is quite snug. Coupled with the set of "egrips" I installed, I can tip the case upside down and ahake it and the Treo stays inside very nicely!

    The Drawstring closure at the top eliminates any chance of the Treo escaping and doubles as a wristloop.

    Maybe a biger loop on the top or a caribener clip?

    Yeah. Its a bit rough - most prototypes are. But also I used a "Buttersuede" material. In the hand it feels identical to suede, close ups with digital cameras makes it look like sanded leather.

    I made a case for my T3 out of the same material and have used it daily for a year now. I must say it has held up VERY well! ANd the nice thing about it is I can just throw it in the washing machine to clean it! ( remove the PDA of course)!


    Thanks for the ideas, I can understand your thought about leaving the screen open, but this vinyl still allows screen taps to register, graffitti would be impossible as this vinyl is just too "sticky" there is no glide to it at all. Hmmm will have to analyze how much I actually graffitti any more.

    One of the reasons I don't want anything thick or opaque covering the keyboard is because I do a lot of 65 mph one handed searching for contacts. Which means quick access to the keyboard without having to flip open or hold open a top cover.

    Ahh decisions decisions....
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    My concern - the card is not protected. If the card gets angry, it just might pop out and away. Sorta like Super Card!

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    Indeed it would be a "super" card if it escaped that prototype case! As I have completely enclosed the card door! I don't change my cards much ( now that I got a 2GB card).

    And besides that flimsy sd card door on the Treo makes me want to keep the card seated as much as possible anyway.

    But I have other ideas for the button side... back to the drawing ummm err ironing board!
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    hmmm, a soft leather case. That's an interesting approach. I like having the keyboard exposed too, with the screen and the keyboard behind plastic, it reminds me a bit of the cellsuit (the neoprene case).

    Could the wriststrap be bigger? maybe double as a lanyard a la ipod (first gen) shuffle style? Good luck with your project, I'm sure you'll figure what works best for you, then I'm sure others will follow!
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    I Cogitated breifly on the lanyard/neck loop thing. Even clipped a lanyard to the case and slipped it over my head. But alas, I have enough err- umm large objects dangling from my chest, and one more may not be what I need?

    The short wrist strap does however make the treo into a nice mirror dangle!

    In the days prior to Treos I used my rear view mirror as a phone keeper. Since I have a topper installed on my truck and the topper has solid rear doors - the rearview mirror is not a functional piece of equipment. SO one of those adhesive clip holders worked nicely as a place to stash the phone while driving.

    I haven't used such clip devices for my Treos because they just all seem so flimsy and the Treo dangles precariously from them.

    BUt in this pouch/case so far the treo dangles from the mirror nicely enough to see the screen ( unless I am on a washboard dirt road) and within easy reach.

    Those sticky jelly pads work o.k. for asphalt driving - but don't stand up to my hard corners or the washboard roads.
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