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    On Treo 650 when we push green "phone" button, Treo wakes up and Phone application is launched. On second push, we get a very usefull menu with a list of recently dialled numbers etc etc.

    Since last few days this "second push" functionality is missing on my Treo. I suspect it may have something to do with my installing and then deleting Datawiz "Beyond Contacts". Or did I delete some other usefull file by mistake? Possibly I can restore some file from my earlier backups on SD card? I don't know which file.

    Hard reset may or may not be a solution. I have not yet tried it. I hate to loose my data and configuration.

    Help me please.
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    i have always loved that feature. my phone button just started not taking me to the call log the last few days as well. I don't think I did anything to cause it, because I was travelling over New Year's/my birthday ( ), and I kept dialing people by accident when I would want to go to the log to see who had called me. Any help on this, would be appreciate by me, as well!!!
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    Issue has been dicussed in another forum at

    Please see there if any replies are usefull to you.

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