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    I have decided to ditch Palm Desktop on my Powerbook G4. I have just purchased the Missing Sync and I'm ready to take the plunge. The integration between OS X's Address Book and other apps is too strong to resist any longer, and I am prepared to deal with any limitations I may encounter in iCal and the memo pad app included by Mark/Space. I've searched this forum and done some Googling, and have yet to find a clear cut, precise set of directions for exporting/importing data, ways to avoid potential disasters, etc. The instructions included with with MS seem pretty thorough, but any tips or links to pages that will give me an overview from experienced travelers down this road would be great.

    I should mention that I'm currently on 10.4.8 on the PB and have a Treo 600, though I'll be migrating to a 650 or higher soon.
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    My tips, gleaned from doing recently exactly what you'll be doing soon:

    * Make sure you have latest versions of all the involved software
    * Backup your iCal and Address Book databases (using the menu items in each app), as well as your Palm Desktop data (by copying your Palm data folder)
    * Follow the MissingSync directions
    * Be patient with long initial sync times
    * If things get messed up, hard reset your Treo, load up a copy of your backup data into Palm Desktop (and/or Address Book/iCal, whatever you are using at the time) and start over.

    I'm sure others have some tips?
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    No, you said it well Marcus. Lemme just go on record as saying that I LOVE Missing Sync and recomend it highly. Do follow instructions and DO do your initial syncing via USB (not BTooth), and yes, initial syncs take a long time.

    Best of luck Innocenti

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