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    Anybody had a problem, where a beep sound, almost sounding like the phone is online when pressing the keys?

    What to do to make this go away!?
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    you mean you don't want it to have tones when you push keys? find the setting to turn of keypad tones. i can't seem to find it right now!

    or...just put the phone on vibrate only.
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    Do you hear the beep sound everytime you press a key? Or just the first key?

    This is NOT normal. Also could not find the keypad tones setting scoop_dtx was talking about. I don't think the Treo 680 has that feature.
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    Go to the "Preferences" App in the main window (press "Home") and choose "Sounds & Alerts" - under that you'll see the "Applications" heading - choose "System" - then turn the "System Volume" to "Off" ...hope that helps.

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