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    Just out of curiosity... both for those who are and aren't seeing this issue, maybe it would be helpful to start reporting ROM version? There do seem to be some behaviors that may be happening in 1.04-ROW that aren't happening in the current CNG version. I happen to be running 1.04-ROW and have managed to run past 0% twice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooky View Post
    I did the same thing, screen at maximum brightness with no auto shut off n playin on ptunes at max vol. It lasted me 10 mins after 0% battery life. Shuts off after the 30sec? countdown. How long did yours last?
    mine used to last about 3 hours of continuous playback with phone on, screen on (max brightness), ir on, bt on when it reached 0%. Yesterday and the day before I did two discharge till dead - recharge cycles, and now the battery meter seems to be properly calibrated, though i still get about 10 mins of life after 0%. My firmware is MW01.50 and software TREO680-1.04-ROW
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    I also have experienced this. The first two times that I drained the battery full. I kept Playing PTunes until it dies. Lasted roughly 17 mins, volume halfway, screen on, brightness halfway after battery level became 0.

    There's nothing to be wowed. As usual Palm got another thing wrong with our Treos. This time the battery level
    Treo 680 Mobitel GSM Sri Lanka.
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    That's great that you were able to take a screenshot at 0%, probably just before the "doomsday countdown" begins.

    Is there any way to stop that dreaded doomsday countdown?

    It says "Your battery is ALMOST EMPTY" and puts up the timer. Nothing you can do at that point, except try to control yourself from throwing the Treo against a wall!

    This is on a Treo 680. I'd love to simply turn off all battery warnings and nags, and just keep using the Treo until it physically runs out of power.

    What's worse is that, on my Treo, it sometimes happens falsely. The Treo will think that it is nearly out of power, and put up a "Your battery is EXTREMELY LOW" warning. Then, a few seconds later, back up to the real power level, around 80% or so at the time!

    The real kicker is when this false alarm is the doomsday countdown! Nothing to do then but accept the forced shutdown, remove the battery and re-insert it, and wait, as the Treo reboots itself and comes back to life. Then, keep nursing the thing along, remembering to answer the stupid automatic clock settings question, and then turn the phone on once it enters the Phone app.

    I've had my Treo die in my pocket several times now, because of this. The battery false alarm happens, and the Treo quietly shuts off because of this. Lots of fun missing calls there.

    BTW, why couldn't they have saved the automatic clock settings question in Prefs, so you don't have to set it every single time, and turn on the phone automatically? When you suffer multiple resets per day, this really gets old. I'm beginning to think PalmOS was designed by a close relative of the PocketMonkey....
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