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    When I unplug the charger from Treo it reads only 94% not 100%, also my battery barely gets me through the day, sucks. I'm trying a trick I use with my RC cars. When charging them if you charge them to full, unplug and then plug them back in again right away they get fooled and charge a bit more, you end up getting extra charge out of the battery. As Im writing this I'm trying this trick on Treo. I unpluged it this morning and it read 94% so I plugged it back in and it indeed continued charging from 94%, we'll see what happens.
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    O.K. light is green again, unplugged it and now it's reading 99%, plugged it back in and it's charging again. I'm going to keep doing this untill I get 100% when unplugged. Maybe this will condition the battery? Shouldn't have to do this though.
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    I've noticed the same behavior with my unlocked 680. Sometimes after a full night of charging, I will unplug the cord and see that the battery indicator immediately drops to somewhere between 93% and 97%. After plugging the cord back in to charge some more, the battery indicator only drops to 99% after unplugging. I've had my device for 4 weeks now. Battery performance improved greatly after about 10 days, but I still sometimes get the mysterious drop off immediately after charging. I have two batteries, and see the same behavior with both.

    FWIW - I believe that it will only show 100% while it is plugged in. As soon as you unplug, the level drops (hopefully, only to 99%). My 650 behaved this way as well.
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    I think I have figured out this behavior. I think when your treo is plugged in, once it reaches 100%, it then stops charging. So if you leave your treo on the charger for 8 hours, it finishes charging after 2 hours and then discharges for 6 hours just as if its not been on the charger at all.

    It appears to be an issue with the firmware. It does not keep it topped off when you leave it on the charger. Once the light turns green, it stops charging.

    I'm guessing if you left it on the charger for 24 hours, it would be down to 80% or 70%. So best to only leave it on the charger until it's done charging. I usually charge it in the evening and then remove it from the charger before going to bed.
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    I leave my 680 on the charger overnight and usually wake up to find it at 100%, sometimes 99%, and very rarely 95-98%. This would indicate that removing the 680 from the charger probably isn't needed.
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    The behavior is very inconsistent in my situation. I always charge my Treo overnight (plug into the charger before going to bed and unplug after I wake up). Most mornings, the battery indicator reads 99% after unplugging. However, I'll see lower readings 2 or 3 days a week. The LED is always green when I unplug.

    I should mention that I have my 680 set to automatically do a soft reset in the middle of the night so that I can start off the day fresh. That's a procedure I adopted with my 650 since dbcache was such a problem there. I mention this becase there should be no difference, day-to-day, in what was running when the device finished charging. I've seen the posts about camera usage possibly affecting battery drain, but my 680 isn't taken off the charger until a few hours after a soft reset.
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    I mentioned this behavior in the 680 battery life thread.

    It's got to be a firmware issue. It gets even weirder because I have tried to drain it by using it while it's plugged in and the battery starts to get charged again. The light never switches to red, it stays green the while time.

    Zlauncher and battery graph give the current battery voltage and you can see that even though it says 100% or 99% while plugged in, the voltage is not at the highest possible, which in my Treo is 4.19v. I've had it drop to 4.13v and unplugged it and the battery percentage immediately drops to 94%.

    You would have to leave it on for 24 hours AND not have anyone call you or I would bet it would start topping off again after the call.

    I've reproduced this using the wall charger and the usb cable.
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    Have you guys ever used it while @ 0% battery life? My 680 continued to stay alive after 0% for almost an hour & half of off and on light use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidT. View Post
    Have you guys ever used it while @ 0% battery life? My 680 continued to stay alive after 0% for almost two hours of light use.
    Yes. When I first received my 680, I went through the battery cycling process of draining and then charging a few times. During those draining cycles, I did notice that the battery indicator would read 0% but still run for a while.

    After 3 charging cycles and a couple battery resets (plug in, wait, remove battery, wait, replace battery, fully charge), my battery life has been consistently decent. It's not as good as my 650 battery life, but it's enough to get me through the day. It's just this odd 3-7% drop off immediately after unplugging that has me confused, especially since it doesn't happen every day.
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    Inconsistent is the word. I have tried various versions of the 'trick' to recondition the battery, but now (for several days anyway) I see a green bolt across the battery indicating 100% but the LED stays red. It did not do this for the first several weeks of owning my 680. Then I had several days of complete overnight drain. I am not getting total drain overnight any more, but I lose 1-3% per hour on some days and 3-5% per hour on other days. I just read in another post about a white noise audio issue (I never actually heard the hiss myself) that could explain the severe overnight draining. I have just turned off all system and game sounds and will see how we do tonight....Is a non-functioning LED enough of a reason to get a new 680? Its not like when it was green I got better results from charging....
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    I'm thinking that the stuck sound theory makes a lot of sense. I think they mention that putting it on vibrate is good enough so that's what I'm going to try as soon as I drain the battery completely...
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    Inconsistent here... interesting theories that it does not remain topped off... i was getting the 3% loss an hour but right now 10% off an hour o_O

    Yesterday I HAD to really use my cellphone... so I decided to use my 650instead... my 680 would just not have lasted me the day... =/
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
    T680 (COPPER) + Cingular = FUN!!
    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(

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