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    Hello all 4gb sd card users... i recently did the rom update and whatnot allowing my 650 to use a 4gb card. I wanted to put music on there to use as a larger mp3 player but have run into problems... let me know if you can relate.

    i load all sorts of music on the card and pop it into the 650. i then go to my file browser and see all the files on the card. but when i go and click on them to look at the actual mp3 files it shows me names of the mp3's like fe%*(e! and others like that. And they are all unplayable files! If i try to erase them off on my pc, i get a message telling me that they are unreadable files and i cannot delete an unreadable file. hmmmm this leads to reformatting it and starting over. i cant seem to get very many music files on there without half of them or so converting to this gibberish text format. ANY SUGGESTIONS? what am i doing wrong? thanks
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    This has happened to me when I format the card on the computer. When I format it in the Treo, all is well. You might try that, if you haven't.
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    no that doesnt do it. its strange it actually creates new folders within the folders i have made and all the files become unreadable files. should i partition the sd?
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    Your music should go into a folder named Audio. If you have too many files in the root of the card, it will cause problems.
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    Hmm, once i format the card in the treo i have only the files that follow...


    and thats it. i tried loading it into DCIM and i got similar results. Do i need to change a formatting setting for this audio file to appear?
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    Make a directory....

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