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    I had no problem with my 650. Dialing from the lexus screen causes a buzzing sound from the cars speaker for a couple of seconds, during dialing..
    I have tried deleting both devices from both difference..
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    The RF interference is common on GSM devices (not just Treo).
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    no problem with 650?
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    I have a 650 but does not generate the interference on my car radio but it does on my home radio if I put it close.
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    I've noticed that i hear my 680 causing buzzing through my car's stereo moreso than the 650. I chalk this up to the different antenna in the 680. The shape of the EM field the antenna generates is almost certainly different and therefore leads to different pattern of disturbance.

    I know someone at Verizon who's described to me the variances in some of the phones they've tested over time. It can be quite dramatic.
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    it only seems to buzz,when I dial off the lexus keypad..during initial connections..

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