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    Of Treo, or of Seidio cradle? To my knowledge, all PalmOS Treos since the 650 should have the capability for serial GPS.
    -- Kevin Andrew Lipscomb
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    Quote Originally Posted by kocoman View Post
    Can anyone tell me what models use serial GPS?

    The issue is not with the treo.They all support serial GPS.The issue is with the software. When I brought my software I purchased Mapoplois because it worked with all gps units. That software is no longer available , but if yoiu go to semmens website you can see all the available software. They even have packages where you get the receiver and the software to run it.
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    Both worked perfectly with V1.06 and still work great with V1.10 (Verizon MR).
    One BIG GRIPE: I'm no longer able to receive calls via BT headset when Treo is in GPS cradle. As soon as I remove it from the cradle, BT connects & I can answer the call. This is very disappointing news to me.
    Other than that, I do not have any issues w/Treo after V1.10 MR 'upgrade'.

    Yuri K

    PS. had anyone tried the wired headset w/Seidio GSP, the one with separate connectors: one for a mic and another for the earpiece?
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