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    I have a very annoying problem with my Treo 650 suddenly. In my move to San Antonio, Texas, I purchased the TomTom Navigator 6 package with a Bluetooth GPS unit to use on my Treo. Works great !!! 1598 miles and TomTom never missed a beat.

    I also bought a suction cup based stand for the Treo to be attached to during the drive. Nice little unit. It came with a USB adapter to charge the 650 and a cable to change the GPS unit as well. The unit itself plugged into the cigarette lighter power port. This is where the problem comes in.

    The stand has a speaker in the back as the Treo's speaker is a little blocked when it laying in the stand. The stand comes with a cable to plug into the Treo headset port and the other end plugs into the stand itself. Something happened during my travels when I used that cable. Basically the external Treo speaker won't engage for audio applications anymore (aka. phone, Voice Dial, etc). Like when I'm using the phone, I have to use my Bluetooth headset as audio no longer comes out of the builtin speaker on the front top of the Treo (where your ear goes when talking on the phone) nor out of the rear speaker for Speakerphone.

    Even more odd in phone mode, the speakerphone button that normally appears when your talking on the phone no longer appears at all. When I make a call (without my bluetooth headset - yes, this is a test cuz right now making a call without the bluetooth headset doesn't work at all cuz you can't hear anything), the speakerphone button appears for a split second and then disappears. When using the bluetooth headset, same issue. When I click on the bluetooth headset button to dis-engage the headset, the speakerphone button appears for a split second and then disappears.

    I'm wondering if the audo cable that came with this stand unit damaged my Treo audio port. Or is there some software switch when the Treo Palm OS that's stuck maybe ... I'm thinking of more towards the damage audio port.

    Any one got any ideas ?
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    Any one got any ideas ?
    Audio jack damage is a common problem. A search for audio jack in titles will bring up lots of posts. Nonobeez can fix it.
    There is also a hardware addon from Seidio but I doubt it would work with your car mount and it prevents charging the phone when it's plugged in.
    Audio Adapter
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    Any one got any ideas ?
    Try inserting and removing an audio jack a couple times to see if anything's "stuck". Don't go nuts and do it like a maniac or you can damage things, just insert/remove and repeat a couple of times.

    I've not had this problem personally, but a friend did and this cleared the problem. Best I can figure a spring or something inside the jack doesn't fully disengage and the phone thinks a jack is still plugged in. hope this helps.

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    Yeah, it appears to be mechanical vs. software as you've suggested Mals. I can on sometimes get the speakerphone button to remain on when the phone connects and actually get it to work. Usually though the speakerphone button disappears - I assume when the phone actually connects the call.

    I think its time to get a Treo 700p.
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    Google search for an called Headcold. If that helps you've probably got jack damage. If so, you can either use Headcold and live with it or.....

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