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    I have a treo 680 obviously running palm os.
    I would like to find a weather application that would be similiar to what is available for WM.

    I would like this on my main screen in the phone app, is this possible or do you have to just use a weather application that runs?

    see attachment.
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    4Cast is about the best weather application.. There is a plugin for 2Day, which is a "today screen" like what you're wanting there. Also works with DateBk6.

    Also, if you use ZLauncher, you can have it take up room on your Launcher screen.

    Otherwise you can launch the application to see it.
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    i don't have zlauncher yet b/c it sounded like it wasn't "ready" for 680. i am stable for the last 2 weeks didn't want to mess itup! i'll check out 4cast
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    ZLauncher is fine with the 680, or at least I haven't heard otherwise.

    The beta version is required for the Home key to work properly, but for some reason they haven't updated since the 700P was released which is where the problem started. But the beta is fine.

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