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    This happened to me on two occasions. While i was charging the phone, i continued to do work on it, and the screen dims about two settings (if i had to guess)

    The first time it occured, i was charging and trying to retrieve mail. I took the battery out and reset, not because of the dim light but because of another problem (i resolved that one, it was my own error)

    The second time it happened, i was again charging the battery but this time i was chatting in toccer. I left the palm alone for a while (enough time for the screen to turn off, and a bit more) and the normal brightness returned. But soon dimmed again after continued use.

    I think this feature is designed to conserve extra energy while charging, allowing for a faster charge.

    I hope thats the case, but im not sure. i saw some posts on this for the 650. Anyone know anything about it?

    Thanks in advance =)

    Ok new info
    i believe its a charging bug or maybe intended. When i took the charger off, it takes maybe 40 seconds, but it soon recognizes that its no longer connected, and the normal brightness returns

    also, the treo was charging, (with the dimmer screen present) and the device froze, and restarted. Upon restart it went back to a brighter screen, for about 1 second but then switched back to the dimmer light

    This is all i know for now, again if anyone has new info.
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    Have you checked your preferences folder & settings? There is a place where you can tell the Treo to dim the screen while on a call. I am not sure if it applies to while you are working in other apps.

    Interesting that your device is doing this - I haven't noticed mine doing it while on the charger. Need to go check it out.
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    Probably what you're seeing is the Treo getting warm, and when that happens, the screen will dim. Especially noticable if you're using Bluetooth Reverse DUN for extended periods of time, the screen will slowly get dimmer. That's when I've most often noticed it, anyway.
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    I have the same issue - the screen dims after a few minutes even while its on a charger! Its not gradual either - it just steps down to less than half brightness. I've checked all preferences and still cannot fix it. I installed alwayson for now but that is not optimal since I tend to forget to manually dim the screen if I set the phone down.
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    Yeah, it isnt gradual, it ust goes to half brightness like moderateinny said. And the battery does get warm, so that could be reason. But its always when the charger is connected. Its pretty annoying, but as least its only when charging.

    Still if anyone else experiences this, maybe its normal and or nothing to worry about.
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    capo031, what kind of docks do you have? I have a Seidio Inno and a 2350s GPS dock and this problem occurs with both. I used them both with my 650 before getting the 680. Are there differences in the power requirements to charge a 680 over a 650? I wouldn't think so ... but maybe there is something there.
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    That just happened to me yesterday. It happened while I was in blazer & contacts. After about 30 sec it dimmed. This is the first time this has happened to me. In preferences I have the display dimming after 30 sec on a phone call. I did a warm re-set and have not seen it again.
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    When i reset, my screen also gets back to normal. I experienced the dimming once again. And i was again charging, and using the treo, im sure this will always occur now.

    I feel its the battery getting too hot, but i cant be sure. Im just going to try not to use the phone, while charging. Phone charges fairly fast, so it shouldnt be a problem.

    On the question about what dock i own, i am just using the charger that came with the treo, im not sure if it has any special name. But if there are differences in the power requirements, then its possibly a power save feature, or a power loss feature.
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    Yup it does that. If you have the display at the lowest brightness level, and when the phone is warm while charging, the backlight simply turns off. It drops about 2-3 levels. Its not gradual.

    i wonder if its the heat.
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    This happens on a 650 also. Whenever it dims, I can feel that it's warm. When it cools it brightens to original brightness.
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    The same thing happened to mine and some weird stuff happened over the past week....

    Incident 1. Was driving and my bluetooth headset which used to connect happily but this time it just wouldn't connect no matter what i do, turn on/off bluetooth and/or headset, the only way is a warm reset.

    incident 2. Just this morning and as usual I press the hotsync button and try the on-screen tap, it just wouldn't sync.... the only way is a warm reset.

    For the both incident above, a warm reset does the trick....

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    Resurrected this thread :

    Had this happen twice to me yesterday, phone was not on the charger at the times it happened.

    It was hot outside. I did not pay attention to weather the treo was hot.

    Did a warm reset... but not enough time has passed to evaluate. Anyone else with other solutions / problems with the screen dimming?


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