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    Try turning off the "Activate After Reset" preference.
    Thanks for the reply. I just tried your suggestion and it does prevent the reset loop. Unfortunately, I'd have to keep remembering to turn TrafficStat back on every morning since I have my 680 set to do an automated soft reset every night. Hopefully, NormSoft will update TrafficStat for full compatibility with the 680. Smaato Cost is another alternative for tracking data usage, but I don't like the idea of giving them my IMEI number for registration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulishor View Post
    We get better health care because we pay higher taxes... but our wireless companies are just raping us with their rates.

    I finally managed to get WAP working... the CSR 'forgot' to mention the need for a proxy or what that IP would be. Anyway, web browsing seems to work but any other programs such as Verichat, DirAssist, Causerie do not work. I would have thought that if they work with T-zones they would work with the Fido wap as well. No such luck. I haven't read enough about the ports that are open or that are required but I know I left the proxy port on 80 and it works.

    At this point I'm considering keeping both plans - use WAP for browsing and internet for the rest but if anyone can help me get the IM programs working I'll gladly get rid of the internet (whopping 500Kb).
    Well I should have known better when I was trying to get the inside track by keeping both plans... they already 'Rogerized' that! It seems I can't have two data packages on my account ... so I'm stuck choosing between 2Mb for $5 of web browsing only or 500Kb for $5 of internet access. She did offer me the 'great' deal of upgrading my internet package to 1Mb for $12! (Isn't the price per unit supposed to go down as you buy more??)

    So I'm back to half a meg and very careful browsing... speaking of which, has anyone found the option in Blazer to 'not downloald pictures'? I hope it still exists because pics can easily put me over my limit.
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