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    I have a treo 600 i am trying to use to connect to the internet instead of paying for the data package. I have a MSN dialup account (trial) to see if this works.

    I have all the settings right to connect, but it says it cant connect. It says connecting, then signing in, then gives me an error something about the network blah blah. Now I try it again and it says date not avalible in this area. AHH!

    How can I get this to work if its even possible. Thanks!
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    I don't have an MSN dial up account but let me try if these question would help point you to the right direction. Are are creating your own network connection preferences that defines your connection to MSN?

    On a PC, does MSN require some software to connect? If so, there may be some proprietary settings that you may need but are not acccessible on the Network > Preferences settings.

    Do you know if there are login scripts that need to be created/answered once you have connected?

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