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    Hi, I recently bought an e-book from peanut press. So I evidently got added to an e-mail list somewhere.

    The following is the e-mail I received describing Palm's acquisition of Peanut Press:

    Subj: Special Edition - Latest News and Releases - March 20, 2001
    Date: 3/20/2001 11:21:19 AM Eastern Standard Time

    From: (Peanut Press Newsletter)

    NOTE: This is a special announcement vesion of our newsletter. If you do not normally receive our weekly newsletter, don't worry, you have not been subscribed automatically. We are sending this to all of our current customers as well as our mailing list because we believe the special announcements may be of wider interest.


    Palm Digital Media Latest News and Releases - March 20, 2001

    We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this special announcement:, Inc. has been acquired by Palm, Inc. and will henceforward be known as Palm Digital Media. The Peanut Reader that you've all come to know and love will now be called the Palm Reader and will be included in the box when you purchase your next Palm. The marriage of the two companies makes perfect sense in light of the fact that boasts the most extensive selection of popular fiction and nonfiction eBooks from top publishers, and Palm is the de facto eBook platform in the emerging eBook industry.

    There will be no changes with respect to customer accounts or the operation of our site and, just as Peanut Reader did before, Palm Reader will continue to support both Palm OS handheld computers (Palm OS 3.0 and above) and Pocket PCs.

    The Palm Reader will ship in the box with the just announced Palm m500 and Palm m505 along with two eBooks, Tarzan and the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs and 12 Valuable Ways to Use Your Palm from Velocity Business Publishing. Palm Reader can also be downloaded from the website at:

    There has never been a winner who hasn't fallen, there's never been a loser that got back up.

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    Unfortunately, PeanutPress turns every ebook it sells into a proprietary doc that can ONLY be read with the PP reader, thus forcing you to use their software; and it has a cumbersome feature where you have to enter your credit card to unlock it. (Who remembers???)

    PP has great selection. It's security measures are misguided.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.

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