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    I have a defective 700p and I need to send it back to the factory since they sent me a replacement. It is in an endless reboot cycle as soon as the ACCESS screen comes up. Is there anyway that I can wipe out the data? Is there anyway that they will be able to view it even though it won't boot up? I have a lot of information on it that I can't let anyone see and need to make sure that it isn't accessible.
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    YOu need to perform a zero out reset.

    I am guess you first need to get past the endless reboot cycle. Make sure you treo is not plugged into a charger or hotsync cable, pull the battery and wait a minute. See if that helps.

    If that doesn't work, then try a warm reset described on the linked page above. Basically, pull the battery, hold the up button, then put the battery back in while holding the up button, keep holding till the phone screen comes on. Then you can try the zero out reset.

    Good Luck
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    I agree with ink
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    CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS POST: the 700p "zero out" process is different from the 650. The 650 method won't work on the 700p.

    To clear out the NVFS on the 700p, Palm/the Carriers have made it even more difficult to do on your own. With the 700p, you now need to contact your Cell carrier and get a code to access the flash clearing section. And, you'll need to talk directly with the "Treo Support" division, and be clear with them what you want to do and on what phone.

    In my experience, it's not something many people must do (otherwise I wouldn't have to play "20 questions" with the level one's). Maybe if some critical data was recovered from a "refurb" and exploited then Palm/the Carriers would be party to a lawsuit and then finally offer a more "available" method of doing this. I've never had any of Sprint's people proactively mention to clear out the NVFS before returning - and between 650's and 700p's that's about TEN times. Look out for yourself - as they certainly aren't...
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