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    Not sure if this is just due to the holiday rush, but there appears to be a problem getting the 700p through Sprint. Inphonic/Wirefly has started shipping the 700wx in it's place, and Sprints own warehouses are apparently back ordered. I'm sure they're available from Sprint stores, but I wondered if perhaps something is going on in the way of a firmware update behind this latest draught. Either that or they didn't order enough stock in the 700p's. Thought this was interesting, and wondered if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon?
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    Don't know where you've been looking but they're everywhere here in NYC, from CompUSA's to Sprint stores...and so on.
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    In the stores...yes. (at least on display). Not what I'm talking about though.
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    700p beer? okay, i'm in.
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    Maybe it's Qui Gon Sprint and the young padawan Gates telling us: "These aren't the droids you're looking for." ;-)
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    I've had the same problem. my wifes 700p has been messing up left and right so she took it in to get replaced and they offered her a 700wx. They said that they did not have any 700p's in stock or at the warehouse. They ended up finding one in a neighboring town and are bringing it over. It seems like something is going on. If I was able to make a dream reality, I would say that they are changing the 700p form factor to replicate the 680 form factor ;-) of course if that were the case than I think my 700p is starting to have problems and might need replacement.... :-)
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    Interesting, one of my former companies had a Win/PDA product that required a warehouse/depot retrofit (flash + H/W). We created a distruption in the supply chain because of the quarantine we placed on the units.

    Cross your fingers....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sblanter View Post
    700p beer? okay, i'm in.

    That's what I thought too. So I came in here to get some.

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    It's even worse than I thought. He's talking about a draught drought.
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    aww, i'll trade you a typo for a phone....h'bout it?
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    Wish I could. 'Bout the most I can do is wish you a happy new year and drink a draught just for you!

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