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    Hey guys ... Longtime listener first time caller ...

    I got a new laptop at work, Sony Vaio, to replace my old Dell Inspiron 6000. I have been syncing via bluetooth for the last year or so without fail and now that I have the new computer it wont sync to it.

    I have setup, uninstalled, reinstalled, checked settings, changed settings ... everything except hard boot on the Treo, but I don't think its the phone because I *can* still sync to the old computer. That being said the new computer is setup exactly like the old one except that I was using the Widcomm drivers for bluetooth. The Vaio uses the Toshiba stack. I am able to pair the phone with the new computer and send and receive files via bluetooth ... it just won't sync. I have setup dozens of different bt serial ports (both server and client) and nothing!

    Can the difference in BT drivers be the reason why its not working? And yes I unisntalled the Toshiba drivers and installed the Widcomm drivers on the Vaio. But the Widcomm drivers would not locate the BT device.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Ok ... so no one knows ...

    bump for everyone back at work ...

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