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    I've had a ton of problems, mostly with the radio and roaming (I'm using a european SIM card from 02 czech republic)

    While Roaming:

    GPRS didn't work at all on cingular although they are an approved GPRS roaming partner. I could insert the same SIM card in a treo 600 and it worked perfectly. Got a variety of different error messages, something like 0x202 or something.

    About 50% of the time it would tell me my message center number was invalid when sending an SMS on any network (of course I had sent plenty of SMS's before this message on the same network, and everything worked perfectly on the treo 600 with the same SIM card)

    On a couple of occasions it refused to sign on to any network at all. I would get no signal and network unavailable messages, but again, my treo 600 worked perfectly. I resetted many times and it didn't help.

    In General:

    The default settings for my provider's GPRS specify that the password should be blank. The problem is that the treo says "incomplete setup" when I try to connect with these settings, so I had to go in and make another profile where I went into the password field and just pressed nothing, and returned so it thought there was a password entered. But every time I reset the phone (which is a lot due to all the problems), it switches me back to the configuration it can't understand. Arg.

    About 20% of the time it simply refuses to dial certain numbers even though I have full signal. It just goes back to the dial screen. One was while I was roaming (I tried about 20x), but it worked when I got back to my home network. Others are on my home network. Sometimes a reset helps, sometimes it doesn't.

    Destroys compatibility with the autoconnect feature of Mergic VPN making it a pain in the *** to get my email (autoconnect now crashes the treo). I have to manually switch back and forth every time I want my email.

    The new address book lookup is even slower than the old one. Don't know why they didn't use the one they use for SMS which is really nice and fast..?

    Very annoying having to push down twice after entering an sms to get past the emoticons. I don't ever use the stupid emoticons or autoresponses, I wish they'd get out of my way.

    Hate having to press dial twice to get past the dial/messaging pop up that comes up when you use the phone. If I wanted to send a message I would have gone to the messaging app like in every other phone in the universe.

    Leave it to palm to de evolve the PalmOS even more. I buy these things for quick user interfaces and compatibility and rock solidness. The 680 fails on all these accounts.
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    Most of your problems sound like problems with your sim card and software. Perhaps you need to update your sim card firmware or sim card.

    You don't need to press 2x to dial, just press the green button instead of the select button.
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    The sim card is only a couple weeks old, so I can't imagine what could be wrong with it. They did recently get bought out by 02, but that wouldn't explain why everything works fine on the treo 600 and doesn't work on here. Maybe I'll try getting a new SIM card in a few months... But somehow I don't think it will help.

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