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    I just got a 2g card, already had fat32 in rom. So I did a default fat32 format on my computer and started using it. It's very slow writing, 43% in VFSMark, and takes 2-3s longer than my old 512M card did to write out my GeoNiche notes files (900k).

    Should I format it fat16? Different cluster? Suggestions are welcome. Read around and saw berdinkerdickle mention FAT16, Sector Size: 512 Bytes, Cluster Size: 4KB here so I might try that, just don't want to copy 2g of stuff off and back on until I have a good idea of what to try.
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    I have the same SanDisk Ultra II 2 Gig card in my Sprint 700p (FAT 32) and the write speed is 149%.

    I had a temporary Lexar 512 mb card in it at first. I'll see if I can find the Lexar card and run a VFS Mark on it.


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    I figured I'd go ahead and try a default FAT16 format in my wifes XP laptop... File create and write speeds doubled in VFSMark and the same GeoNiche file now takes 2-3s in stead of 5-6s.


    The create speed is now 265% and write speed is 50%. Not what I'd expect, but perhaps the interfaces' write speed is stinky.
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    What the heck... heh... I had 70M free before, now I'm over by 10M. Oh well.

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