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    My wife and I just got new Prisms. She uses Outlook at work so wants to sync with it. She has a personal contact list and calendar as well as a business contact list and calendar. When she syncs it just gets the personal contact list and calendar. She is currently using the HotSync that came with the Prism.

    Is there any syncing code that would sync both the personal and business stuff. I've looked at Intellisync but that doesn't look like it will do it either but since I've never used Outlook and am not to familiar with it I could be misreading the information.

    Anyone know of a solution for this?

    Bill Harrison
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    I think you'll need Chapura's ( Pocket Mirror Professional. It supposedly allows you to sync multiple folders. You might want to take a look at them first. I haven't heard of anyone who has had first hand experience with it yet.

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