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    Hi, I'm new here so forgive me if I break any rules.
    I bought a second hand Treo 600 a few months ago, it was great and then the down paddle stopped working, at the same time some of the keys stopped aswell, c, f, and others. Means you can not type messages etc. After a while it came back and now it has happened again.
    I have tried all three versions of the reset including starting from scratch and the butons still do not work.
    Has anyone had the same problem or may have a way to get it working again.
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    Welcome Martyn!

    Hopefully it's the easy and painless fix...

    If you have a screen protector it may have slipped under the edge of the case and the screen. Remove it as it may be simulating stylus touches on the screen and would have an impact on the keyboard.

    If you don't have a screen protector, check for bits of various and sundry dust and dirt, grains of sand or salt etc. that may be trapped under the edge of the screen and the case.

    In this case you can use the corner of a business card to dislodge anything that may be caught in there... be careful to not insert the business card corner too far in that you might dislodge the screen edge mask that surrounds the screen.

    After all that you will want to redigitize your screen. Under prefs, select touchscreen and follow the instructions.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks very much for your reply. tried it all but it does not seem to have cleared it.
    It's so frustrating this. the phone is really great but like this its a nightmare.
    Thanks again for your reply

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    OK, back to the drawing board...

    How about inspecting each key very closely to determine if one of them is partially operated, potentially interrupting proper scanning of keypresses.
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    I had a good look at the keys but could not see anything so I took the phone apart, bit of dust here and there but I could not see anything major but.....when I put it back together it now seems to be working again.
    I am going to see if it lasts, thanks again for your words, so glad I found this forum I hope it helps to get the most out of my Treo


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