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    Hi Everyone,

    I've been trying to figure out how to get my SD Card working properly again after my Palm totally messed it up!!!

    I was on my Treo600 when all of the sudden the entire system restarted itself. When it started back up I couldn't access anything that was on my 1GB SD Card! I didn't think it was THAT big a deal because I had the 1GB worth of data backed up on my hard drive. I used the Treo600 to reformat the card and all of the sudden it started showing up as 498mb instead of 1GB as it was originally. I've searched and searched for a solution to how to get it to format back to 1GB with no luck at all. I think the Treo has put something in the non-accessible part of the card that tricks software into thinking it's only a 512mb stick!?

    FYI: There are no bad sectors on the SD Card and the memory that is showing up works 100% perfectly without errors.

    The following are the ideas I came up with that were tried/tested/failed:

    1) Tried to format using Windows XP format utility.
    2) Tried to delete the partition all together using the Computer Management feature in XP
    3) I tried HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
    4) I tried Panasonic SDFormatter v1.2
    5) Before anyone suggests it, Partition Magic does NOT read SD cards at all.
    6) Partition Manager 7.0 does, but after deleting the partition and rescanning it's still only showing up as 500mb!
    7) Low Level Formatting using Killdisk only Low Level Formatted the 500mb.
    8) There is a fix for a 2gb card showing as 1gb from Skymedi but it doesn't work with my SD Card)

    I've exhausted EVERY POSSIBLE IDEA I can think of to try to restore my card to it's previous glory! If anyone has any ideas I would be forever grateful!

    Thanks bunches!
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    It sounds like the controller chip in the card is only seeing half the card's memory, and this could happen if the card uses two memory chips and one is bad, or if the controller chip doesn't "see" one memory chip for some reason. (It would report that all of the memory it is aware of is working properly, but might not realize it should be seeing more.)

    Could be the Treo's fault, or could just be the card itself. Either way, I doubt you'll get the lost memory back.
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