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    yeehaw! I think I got on! I think I got one! One that works that is!

    So far so good - went the whole day with nary a crash or soft reset or lock up!

    Even was on a call, had another call come in, could HEAR the first caller's response to , "May I put you on hold for a moment?" Was able to answer the second call and then swap back to the original call - all without losing the first ccaller OR causing a RESET!

    The ONLY quirk I encountered was my bluetooth disconnecting as I got out of the truck - however that MAY have been MY fault I think I bumped the screen - because the call stayed connected - just the bluetooth quit.

    I think I'll try selecting "turn off touch screen while on a call" in preferences and see if that helps.

    But oh jeepers.... I am beginning to get a teensy bit giddy at the thought of finally obtaining a fully functional device!

    Well except for the screen/ keyboard flicker and still dealing with battery issues. But am *thinking good thoughts**thinking good thoughts**thinking good thoughts* so that Palm will soon come out with a recognition and a fix of this issue.

    Haven't used the camera today on the device so don't know if that is or is not an issue with battery drain.

    I also have not reinstalled battery graph - but am thinking of doing it just to get a read on the device's power usage. Think I should? Or leave well enough alone? I got ALMOST 24 hours of use from the device. About 9 hours of that was with the phone radio and bluetooth on. The rest was playing a few mP3s and regular scheduling/contact look ups and input. No internet or edge services used.

    But having NO resets through the day is SUCH a wonderful thing!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Did you install all of your software during this first day?
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    YES! But done as a CLEAN install and bluetooth exchange for details!

    Some of the apps I exchanged via Bluetooth because the original resides on my desktop PC.

    Spent several hours on the laptop that night! Actually loaded the programs from the CD while still at the Cingular store( I'd taken my laptop with me).

    The only app I haven't loaded yet is the Techsounds5 - because that would NOT exchange via Bluetooth.

    SO far so good - Even after using the Camera last night and leaving the phone radio on all night I still have 65% battery left now!

    Somewhat ODD is that all last night I had 2 solid bars of signal on the device(no Edge connection just bars) and the device was not moved. this A.M. the device shows "SOS only"!

    So are sun spots interfering with my Radio reception? THat I know is network issue unless for some reason the device's radio reception degrades with battery%? SO would I have to ensure that my battery power stays above say 70, 75, 80 % in order to receive a signal?

    If I go outside the house I can get 3 bars of signal, but as soon as I step inside it drops to two or loses completely and goes to SOS.

    AT least no resets so far..... And at this point in time I am HAPPY about that!

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Woo hoo! Hopefully it holds up
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    i feel the same way...things seem good!

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