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    We want to purchase two Bluetooth headsets to use with our two Treo 650s (my unbranded GSM Cingular & my wife's branded CDMA Sprint). Our primary goal is to buy the best all around headsets. Comfort and the ability to provide quality communication are important considerations to us. In addition, one of our cars is a small convertible that is very noisy even with the top up. Between engine and wind noise it is very difficult to use our phones when in this car. Therefore, a headset with DSP/noise cancelling features would probably prove more useful to us.

    The Jabra BT800 appears to be one of the better headsets available. However, I have seen some older reviews and posts about the BT800 stating there are compatibility issues with the Treao 650s. Is this still the case? I would appreciate hearing comments from anyone with the latest firmware that is using the Jabra BT800.
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    Don't buy it. I have this combo and it does not work at all. Try SE BT headset. I have great experence with it.

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