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    I have found that by having NVbackup perform a reset after the nightly back-up the lag between app switching is seriously reduced. I also have found that by doing so, TomTom will start up everytime without me needing to run MemInfo to clear the cache.

    NVbackup is free and works great, plus since it does its backup at 3:00am I never have to think about performing a reset myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    ... Yes the phone has lag but at max I mean at max its 5-10 seconds. ....
    5 seconds is a lag. I thought you had said you didn't have a lag, but as I go back and re-read the text of your OP,you didn't say that (but you implied it in the title). The reason I asked:
    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    Now a question: Do you use Versamail?
    was because if you had no lag after using versamail for a month you would have indeed broken new ground. Based on some comments in other threads I've learned to Obfuscate versamail and this helps perhaps 75-95% with lag problems. You'll have to replace versamail with something. I've used both SnapperMail and ChatterEmail in the past and liked both programs. I've been having resets that occur because of ChatterEmail and I haven't yet taken the time to isolate the root cause.

    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    Yes I do use Versamail, But I am not a power user and only have 2 email accounts. ...

    ... But yea I agree its a big downfall not being able to run 3rd party apps. Let me know what applications you must need and I will install them 1 by one and give you a report if it slows my phone down or makes it crash. ....
    One I'd like you to try is ChatterEmail. I use it for one POP email account and one OWA (Outlook Web Access) email account. It causes regular crashes (resets) for me. For the short-term, this is more of an inconvenience than a major problem. (I have to wait for the phone to reboot before I can make a call, and I generally don't need to make calls right away. One time while I was waiting for AAA, having the phone reset on me caused me to miss a callback from the tow-truck, so it has inconveniced me in a major way once.) I'd like to know with certainty whether I have a bad, or out of spec phone, or whether I should contact Marc to see if we can debug the resets, but I've been busy with other things and have put it off. Generally Marc (the developer of ChatterEmail) is very responsive. Having a datapoint of the types of email accounts you use and whether you encounter resets while background email fetches are done would be helpful to me. On the positive side for you, if ChatterEmail works in your mix, you'll probably want to buy it (it's not expensive) because it's so much nicer of an email program. If you ever decide to stay with ChatterEmail, there would be one more thing I'd liek you to try: Hard-reset your device, install a program named obfuscate.prc and use it to obfuscate versamail, then reinstall your GoogleMaps and ChatterEmail. (Note: In ChatterEmail, when you first install it, tell it to save your mailboxes on your card. Since the first time you install it will have been before the hard-reset, you'll be able to look at the confiuration of your email accounts in versamail and use the information to set up chatteremail with the same email configs. Now when the time comes to hardreset your treo (this will remove all programs) and reinstall, when you reinstall ChatterEmail it will notice the email accounts on your card and offer to import them. That will save you the steps of having to write down your email account/login/server info. (If you don't have an SD card yet, then you shoud write the info down somewhere so you can re-enter it.)

    What I'd like to see after all of this: 1) I expect that the max 5-10 second lag you are currently seeing will continue to get worse over time as you use versamail and after you hard-reset your treo, over the next month this 5-10 second lag will not come back. Your configuration is particularly valuable to do this experiment as you are willing to keep your treo very free of other 3rd-party apps. If you're willing to do this, please do, and let us know how it goes!

    thanks, -- Bob
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    I think the original poster is one of Palm's engineers who doesnt take criticism well.
    The thing doesnt work right.
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    I don't see what you guys are all so unhappy about, my Treo runs great. And I have about 80-90 apps installed, I use versamail daily(i tried chattermail & hated it, it crashed my phone right away), & the only lags I get are when exiting the browsers(blazer & xiino). Maybe its the data, maybe its the cache, I dunno, but it isn't a huge lag & its not a big deal to me.

    How is this possible, you ask? I have no idea. maybe I just got the one "good" treo, or maybe everyone else is either exaggerating these lags or you're all way too impatient to own a treo. If you want instantaneous responsivity, don't have a smartphone. These devices are not like the simple green-screen Nokias of old. Treos are little computers with phones built in, they're NOT going to have 100% uptime, just like any other computer.

    not to gripe or anything, but come on now. If you are so frustrated with the device, sell it & get something you won't complain about 24/7.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KabukiAssassin View Post
    ... not to gripe or anything, but come on now. If you are so frustrated with the device, sell it & get something you won't complain about 24/7.
    I'm far more of an advocate than a complainer (but I don't think you were including me among the list of complainers). I've had sprint "treos" even before the treo (Sprint vesion of "visorphone"). My 700p is indeed the least stable.

    Quote Originally Posted by KabukiAssassin View Post
    ... And I have about 80-90 apps installed, I use versamail daily(i tried chattermail & hated it, it crashed my phone right away), & the only lags I get are when exiting the browsers(blazer & xiino). Maybe its the data, maybe its the cache, I dunno, but it isn't a huge lag & its not a big deal to me. ...
    Do you have your apps installed "in memory" or "on the card"? (I don't know if I said that right. I recall being able to install in RAM or on card. Typically I installed in RAM. Not sure if this is using memory that would otherwise be available to dbcache?

    I should also mention that my biggest complaint (aside from BlueTooth) is too many resets (as compared with treo 600 and treo 300). This device has yet to realize it's potential, but I'm confident that will happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclancy View Post
    The reason I asked: was because if you had no lag after using versamail for a month you would have indeed broken new ground.
    I guess I've broken new ground too. I just switched to the 700P (Sprint) a month ago. I've used Versamail since day 1, with Exchange activesync daily. I have a pretty fair number of third party apps....TCPMP, Fontsmoother, PDA Net, Google Maps, KS Datebook, Voice Dial, DA...I have not installed any hacks. I have no more than a 1 second lag when leaving apps after pressing the home key. Obviously much longer when exiting Blazer since I have it to clear the cache on exit, but otherwise I just haven't seen any major lag. What apps in particular seem to give everyone the most problems?
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    Yeah I'd like to know that too. What apps ARE you guys running? Maybe you're running some that me & dude^ aren't & that's why you're having problems. Maybe post a list of all your 3rd party apps ...? I will if you guys will, and we can compare.

    to answer a previous poster's question- I install all my apps to my card, except for the ones that cannot run from the card, like volumecare, backup apps, keyshades & whatnot. Maybe I've just discovered the perfect combination of apps, maybe I just have a magical touch, but my treo is nearly rock solid. I get MAYBE one reset a week. My treo is far from stock too, I push it as far as it'll go. I'm a 'power user'- its as hacked & modded as it can be w/o a custom rom(which it will get once the rom tool is updated).

    I have no problems with bluetooth either. Mine has always worked just fine with every headset & device I've used it with.

    Lastly, to make you all hate me even more, I'm still on my original unit. No hardware failures at all. Its even gotten wet, and I've dropped it repeatedly, a few times on hard concrete w/no case on it.

    ~ runs away & hides ~
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    Thanks KabukiAssassin for the mention about installing apps to the card. In the past, I've installed to main memory (and had obfuscated versamail). Less than a week ago (12/29/06), I've installed the minimal set of apps that I needed in order to observe and slowly install a stable set of apps. I've been having better luck with ChatterEmail since then. I've had 2 resets so far: kinoma (12/31/05) and blazer (1/1/07). Not sure what's causing the resets (but the current levelof occasional resets is not too bad).

    The apps that I currently have installed are:
    Agendus Premier 11.1
    ChatterEmail 3.02+
    Crash Pro 2.26 (evaluation, not yet registered)
    Docs2Go 8.001 (148)
    Resco Explorer 2.72.2
    Kinoma Player 4EX 4.0.1
    Obfuscate 1.0
    PdaNet 4.02
    Ptunes (version 4.0.0 trial installed. I think I'll go back to 3.2 Deluxe)
    Punch Time Clock 0.995b
    TinyChart (I think this is installed because of either Agendus or Docs2Go)

    What I plan to add next:
    GoogleMaps (prc) soon (maybe 2nite)
    DA soon (after GoogleMaps proves stable)
    Flight Status about 2 wks form now (my Nephew flying back into BOS)
    PowerRun maybe later (I want to see how things work w/o it 1st)

    Now there's lots of software I had on my treo 600 but I won't rush to put things back on for now until I need them.

    I haven't researched the above list. If you know which ones can be reinstalled onto the card that will be a big plus.

    thanks, -- Bob
    I'm both super! ... and a doer!
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    I should add that I've been able to avoid most lags (but sometimes I get a white screen with I've never been patient enough to wait out - I've waited like 2 minutes). I end up resetting when this happens. I don't recall what app it happened under but it happened about 2x with the above configuration.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sblanter View Post
    Waterfrontmgmt, is this your first palm or smartphone?
    this treo is about my 13th or so. i have had palms/smartphones always for the past 10 years dating back to the visor...including the lifedrive. the lifedrive, at least for me, had far more issues than the 700p.

    and i can't help but laugh at the post that compared the 700p issues to buying a windows computer and not being able to load thrid party software...comparing a cell phone to a computer is like comparing a gocart to a car.
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    Comparing a Treo to a Windows computer is much more fair than your just reducing the Treo to being nothing more than a "cell phone".
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Up until yesterday, I was getting long (10 seconds?) white screen delays and application hangs. PalmInternals was giving me 4-5 seconds on the speed test, so according to the things that program tests, I was running pretty well

    Last night I installed Reset Doctor, set it to manage my cache (17M available) and flush if less than 6M. I also updated Butler and Genius. Today, my phone is running great. Do you think it is that cache-flushing that is helping?

    Here is a list of all the other crap I have installed:

    4Cast, 1.70
    Adarian Money, 3.7
    BackupBuddyVFS, 4.02
    Bejeweled, 2.1
    BJ_Counter, 1.0
    BJ_Expert, 1.0
    Butler, 3.98
    BWM, 2004z
    C2C_U2U, 2.1.4
    DA, 3.26
    DatavizTech, 1.2
    Docstogo, 8.003
    FltStatus, 1.0
    FontSmoother, 2.04
    Genius, 1.41
    GoogleMaps. 1.0.0
    HolidayUSA, 1.0
    KeyCaps600, 0.9
    Listpro, 4.1
    Ludusp, 1.6
    Mybible, 4.0
    PackageInstaller, 1.5
    Palmasutra, 2.1
    PalmInternals, 1,10.2
    PDACookbook, 4.1
    PDAnet, 4.02
    Planetarium, 2.2.5
    PocketTunes, 4.0.1
    PrefDoctor, 1.5.4
    Rpn, 3.6.2
    SnapperMail, 2.3.2
    Solitaire_by_Handmark, 3.1p
    SPA_Full, 1.0
    TakePhone, 6.5
    TextTwist, 2.01
    TVBrowser, 1.77
    Uninstall Manager, 3.03
    ZLauncher, 5.42b2
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    It certainly appears you have far more experience with the Treo than I have. Can you tell me what Palm branded programs I can use instead of all the 3rd party apps that compete with them?

    I ask because almost every piece of software I see on the Palm website is made by a 3rd party vendor. Just as almost all the apps that come on the Treo CD are from 3rd party vendors. But since these are so unstable, I'd like to buy Palm brand apps instead.
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    Those of you so content with the various issues that a MAJORITY of Treo users encounter, I'm happy for you...

    But for me if I'm going to pay upwards of $500-600 They better take my issue seriously. I purchased a converged device for a reason not just for a basic cell phone with no additional apps, so sorry I'm not accepting this bullcrap resolution....

    How the heck can a device with more RAM and processing power behave worse than the ealier versions? Whats the point of purchasing the device if I have to encounter such issues with a "supposed" superior device?

    The most frustrating thing is their nonchalant atitude towards the consumers concerns. How can one person go through several phones and encounter the same frikin issues?

    Bottom line Palm had best get cracking on new firmware or ALOT of people will move elsewhere...
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    Maybe I'm just a lucky SOB, but I love my 700p, have had zero bluetooth problems, and only very occasionally get a reset or hang. I don't have too many apps loaded, and keep all my games and such on the SD card. Granted, I'm a big dork, and only have medical stuff loaded in RAM, but I think the 700 is more stable than my old 650. I only have one hack, which allows me to use bluetooth DUN to get on the internet with my laptop.

    I've also had no hardware issues with either the 650 (1.5 years), or the 700p (about 5 months).
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    Its been over 1 month now since I have had my treo 700p freeze. Side by side with my buddies treo 650 we run at the same speed. I no longer have text messaging lagging or freezing while doing that. Changing between applications no longer results in a white screen for what seems like minutes. You might be wondering what application fixes all of this? Well first step. Erase your treo700p and stop installing 3rd party crap to manage and change stuff. I know 3rd party stuff is great and should run fine but in reality its full of glitches and ends up causing the average treo user problems. Then we have topics that get created *****ing about how the phone sucks and keeps on freezing, well in its stock state the phone is fine.

    The only 3rd party application I have is google maps. Try it out, if this does not stop your freezing and lag then call your provider and get a replacement phone sent out.
    Huh? Palm's stated intent with the PalmOS platform was to encourage developers to create a rich variety of software for it. Palm deliberately ships fairly basic apps on the theory that it's better to have a Windows-like choice of applications for the user. The general users buys an OS/platform to run programs they want, rather than b/c of any special interest in Winows/*nix/Palm/Symbian etc. Run only the apps Palm ships and none of the 1000s Palm sells from their own site? That defeats the purpose of PalmOS.
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