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    lists so many BT stereo headsets (specially starting on page 2). Still, there is no sign of a clear winner (plays music, switches to calls seamlessly and resumes music when finished.. all from the headset) with SAG and Treo 650

    A few new and old ones:

    Sony DR-BT10CX
    Sony DR-BT30Q
    Ubicon Lubix UBHS-NC1
    LG HBS-200
    LG HBS-110
    i.Tech C51-A05146-XX
    i.Tech Clip R35
    i.Tech BluePro
    Jabra BT-320s
    Jabra BT325s
    Jabra BT620s
    Nokia BH-501
    Nokia HS-12W
    Samsung SBH-170
    Nextlink SPIDER
    Mavin MBSH-C3.2
    AirLogic AH-20
    GoerTek GSH300
    Partner Tech BS-6010(TX)
    Philips HHB-750
    GN Netcom N-GAGE
    Plantronics P590
    Motorola HT820
    OpenBrain OBH-0100
    Bluetake BT450Rx
    Bluetake BT420Rx

    A new version (beta build) of SAG is out, by the way.
    I have a $100 gift card burning a hole in my pocket.. and no idea which one to buy !!!!
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    Haven't had much if any time to research but I'm looking for one that will be usable when cycling with the treo in the pocket beneath my seat...preferrably earbuds or something that won't fall off easily...already snapped one pair of cheaper wired ones in the spokes by accident
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    I can't use earbuds. They won't stay in place. The loop behind the ears or head would be alright.

    I need them for cycling too .. the stationary bike
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