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    on the online store it says the jabra BT8010 is for sale and is comaptible with the 680. Now I have this headset/headphone hybrid with Softick Audio Gateways latest beta version.

    I can't seem to get the music to stream through to the headset?

    Anybody know how to do this? Theoretically it should be possible.

    I can get as far as the devices pairing up and making a connection but cannot hear any music play. In fact when using Pocket tunes as soon as the connection is made it Stops Playback and you can't play unless you disconnect the bluetooth.

    Does anyone know if this would be easier if it was a WM5 OS? If so I'll wait for the 750 in canada

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    I am on the other side of the world from you but have exactly the same problems with the 8010. great sound for voice calls which do come out mono in both ears.

    but I can't get the stereo playback to work either. it locks up Ptunes, Mocean and TCPMP in exactly the same way. so I guess a 'Softick' fix is required.

    there goes another $80 on a paperweight.
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    I just tested the same software on a 650 with the 8010s andit works perfectly. its definately a Softick issue.
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    The 750 supports it natively
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