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    Ordered a Samsung WEP200 from after losing the first one(purchased locally) that had been a pleasure to use for 3 weeks on my Palm 650.

    Immediately noticed headset speaker was very faint and excessive hissing occurred if I boosted the volume. I know this happens with volume boost but was not present in my first WEP200. The volume on this WEP200 is WAAAAY too faint on the normal setting.

    Also noticed no hologram seal on top of package, box package states "Made in China" but headset states "Made in Korea", and "red" light sometimes mixes with the blue creating a magenta-colored signal. I also got a earpiece holder that wasn't included in the original(it has SAMSUNG imprinted).

    Is this a fake or just a defective unit?


    I have been a longtime customer. Never had a problem. Their service and shipping times are impeccable.
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    sounds like a fake....
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    from newegg though? I could see Ebay. I would call samsung support & say you suspect it is a fake & see if they can tell. I am sure newegg is an authorized dealer.
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    Here is a link to a comparison with a real headset and a fake.

    I purchased a white one from sprint for $50.00. If anyone tells you it is purchased from sprint, it come in its own Sprint blister pack with yellow and black sprint logos on the cardboard.

    I loved the headset so much, I bought a black one from T-Mobile (T-Mobile sells black, Sprint sells white, at least in New York) for $40.00. I gave the white one to my wife since it looked a little too girly. This also came in their own packaging. I know is it a real one, but it looks like T-Mobile's repackaging is much sloppier, the items seem almost thrown about inside the box and not everything is wrapped in plastic. All the headsets were like this, but there was no damage or anything wrong, it just was much sloppier than Sprint's pagacking. I guess that's where the ten dollars in the price difference comes from.

    If you read that comparison, you will see that newegg will give you a refund. They are aware of the fact that they are selling fakes.

    Don't give up though. Go to a legitimate dealer, for $40-$50 bucks, this is th ebest bluetooth headset out there, not just for the price. It is small and has an awesome batter.
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    I purchased the same unit from newegg a few weeks ago and rma'd it. After some research I determined it was fake or 'generic' is the term newegg used. Take a close look at the product title on newegg's page. Notice the silver unit is a real Samsung while the black units are 'generic'. BTW, I've been a long time customer of newegg and love them. I will however pay more attention to the products from now on.
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    That is totally unacceptable. I checked out the link, if they are selling it as "generic", then they are engaging in selling unauthorized knockoffs (I don't know of any "authorized knockoffs"). They know it is not the real thing, although they show a picture of it. If you were selling bogus copies of the Superman or Happy Feet DVD, the law would come down on you hard. Why not these guys. Notice the return policies are considerably different between the real ones and the fake ones.


    You can get them for 39.99 at T-Mobile, anyway, so what is the deal you would get for this if you bought it at
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    i purchsaed the black, generic one a week ago from new egg and its fine. that'll probably not go over well w/ posters here.

    i love this thing. if all is true (above), then it might break soon? but from my 7 days of owning this, it had the hologram label, the 'break seal' label, and it said 'made in korea'. so it looks genuine to me.


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