I used to have an unlocked(originally with Rogers) Treo 650 that I was using with a Fido sim card. I just upgraded to an unlocked Treo 680 that I bought at a Palm Store in New Jersey. I am now home in Canada using my Fido sim card in the factory unlocked Treo 680. I of course get the Roming indicator all the time but no problems making calls or sending sms messages. The only major problem I am having now is that NONE of my caller specific ring tones will work because the Treo 680 now has a ringtone setting for incoming Roaming calls and hte 650 did not. Now since I am always roaming I no long can have different ringtones for different people. I tried using both Ringo and mRinger with a home made silent ring tone set as my Roaming ringtone but nothing. I loved having different ringers for different people.

Any tips or tricks I can use to fix this problem and maybe trick my Treo 680 into using the different ringtones for different people and not just play the default Roaming ringtone?

Thanks for all the help in advance.