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    Since my last post I've ditched my flexicase and my treo's now 'buck nekkid'. I ditched it because I was messing with too many new apps and it was resetting a lot.

    I think i even stumbled into a bug, for t-zones people, where if you reset then go straight to google maps it will lock in an endless loop because the default connection is to t-mob wireless instead of t-zones, and google maps will just keep on trying to reconnect endlessly. w00t.
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    Mine is a bit different. I wonder if it's because I'm using Agendus. For me, when an alarm comes up, after the keyguard turns the screen off again, pressing an application button will hide the alert, switch to that application, and bring the keyguard up. It doesn't clear the alert, though. Pressing a qwerty button does nothing while mine is keyguard locked. It's still a problem, because the alert is no longer on the screen, but it's not quite as bad as yours. I don't know about calls yet, but text messages work just fine and don't clear incorrectly even with pressing an application button.

    FW: MW01.50
    SW: TREO680-1.04-ROW
    Agendus Premier v11.1
    ooooh, look at the shiny Copper Treo 680
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