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    Hi. Lately I've noticed some weirdness when charging my 700p. Oftentimes I will connect my 700p to the charger (either standalone or the USB/hotsync cable) when I expect to be on a long call or using a data connection for a while. This way the Treo's battery either charges or at least maintains its current level.

    Sometimes, though, an anomaly occurs. The indicator LED will turn red (charging) like normal and eventually green (fully-charged) but when I disconnect the charger, the battery indicator will drop below the initial level indicating that the Treo was, in fact, not charging and was running on battery power during the call. This seems to happen around 20% of the time.

    For example, this evening my initial battery level was 63%. I connected the hotsync cable and noted the red charging indicator. During my call, I noticed the charge indicator turned green (full charge). However, upon completing the call and disconnecting the cable, the battery level indicator was reading 32%.

    Has anybody else witnessed this behavior?
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    Yes, Arcas, I have the same situation all the time. Just yesterday, mine (in my office) said I had 38%, but when I got in my car and used my adapter it said I had 87%.

    I'm pretty confused. I upgraded from a 650, but between this matter and the consistent delays when switching programs, I'm wondering if I made the right decision. The main reason was for the EVDO...
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    do a soft reset when that happens....the battery level will go back to where it should be.soft resets,which for me are very quick and easy(seidio battery cover w/reset hole)tend to clear up many of these glitches.i do a soft reset each morning and whenever anything weird happens such as the battery thing,lockups helps!

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