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    And here's some interesting news to come out of PDA Mexico
    Then as well as they see it we finished receiving the software that qualifies the WiFi capacities in the Treos with Palm You without the necessity of the Enfora. It agrees with the 28 of December, reason why at first I thought was “inocentada”, nevertheless once installed software I have taken one pleasing surprise, although he is not 100% stable, because the signal falls, has not caused him any badly operation to my Treo, and with card SD WiFi de Palm it goes of wonder. Without but introduction we make its available the application to unload it HERE
    [hoax download link remove]

    I haven't tried it out. But I would do a full back up first, on SD in case of anything. But it's very interesting...... Now where's my SD Wifi card?

    (originally spotted in Palmaddicts)

    update: haha. I think this mexican program came too early for April 1
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    If it's a joke, I suggest you remove the download link. Or make it clear it's not real.
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    I cannot say for sure, but it does not appear to be a joke.
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    it is, i got the same available networks in texas with NO wifi card...
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    it's the mexican equivilent to an april fools day joke. it was posted earlier here.
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