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    I use Filez on my Sprint Treo 650 & have been looking through the list of files & found one I can't figure out. The file is called "Spoof". The info. I can get out of Filez doesn't help me figure this out - does anyone know what this file belongs to? I'd like to know if I can delete it. It sure doesn't sound like anything I need, but I don't want to delete it if I can't verify that.

    According to Filez:
    General info tab-
    Name: Spoof
    Type: groo
    Creator: lota
    Size: 14336 b, 3 recs

    Attrs tab-
    Stream is the only thing checked

    Dates tab-
    Created: 1/1/04, 1:46 pm
    Modified: 7/29/27, 12:25 pm (date is not a typo, that's what it really says)
    Backed up: 10/21/27, 9:32 pm (again, date is not a typo)


    My husband bought me the new Garmin Mobile 10 for Christmas & I've been working with it - having some issues..... I've moved most apps to my card & am trying to see if there are any file fragments that can be deleted.

    Thanks for any help.....
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    Move it to a "backup" folder on your card and see if anything doesn't work.
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    If I recall, this is a file placed there by Splash Money or one of their other products. The file on my device has all the same attributes except size/recs (15,872/4) and dates (totally different).

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