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    The last time I was able to Hotsync with my laptop was in Late September, and since then I've had no success. Other then the problem of not being able to establish a connection between my 650 and my laptop some of the other problems I encountered were the following:

    -When my Treo would not Hotsync anymore I had noticed that it would chirp twice instead of the usual one time when it was connecting.

    -My USB ports would not read the USB connection labeling it as an unknown device and when checking if any of the ports where malfunctioning all were working properly

    -I followed the guidelines in the manuel which asked to clean the ports and the conenction to my phone, which I did, then engage a soft reset, but that did nothing

    -Then from there I uninstalled the program and re-installed it but I then came across what is written below:

    - [Message on my Laptop] Important palmONe Desktop components are missing and preventing this hand held from synchronizing. Please download and install the palmOne Desktop for your hand held from before sychnronizing

    - [Message on my Phone] HotSync operation was interrupted. Some of your data was NOT backd up. For details, tap HotSync Log on the HotSync screen.

    I already went to the support website and that didn't seem to be of much help. All it gave me was something called WinRar I think and I didn't really find that helpful. I've tried to be as specific as I can, but if there is any information that is lacking, let me know and I'll surely put it on here. Thanks to everyone for their help.
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    Sounds like you should uninstall and install again. Something seems to be missing from your laptop.

    If I were you, I would backup my phone to my SD card using NVBackup (it is free, or you could use another method) as soon as possible.
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