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    I had a treo that kept getting this message (see below). It would reset sometimes while sitting on my desk charging sometimes while talking on the phone etc.

    So on Dec 11th i called retention got a new phone and now the new one is doing the same thing.

    Only software loaded from stock is/was resco explorer, kinoma 4.0 player and pocket tunes 4.0

    I though maybe one of these was causing it so I did a zero out hard reset and have not loaded any software. I reloaded palm software, deleted the palm folder and I even synced with a new name to get my data from outlook and nothing else.

    well now it still does it, anyone else having this problem

    If I do the ##err# to find why it resets this is the message i get

    A reset was caused on 12/28/06 at 3:28 pm while running "<unknown application>":
    Fatal Exception
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    my 600 used to do that on occasion but I never figured out why
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    no third party software at all? are you using a BT headset?
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    yes bluetooth headset sony ericcson
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    anybody else got any ideas this is two of them that has done this

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