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    Both TomTom 6 and Emtac Navigator 3.0 seem to be fairly good GPS solutions for the 700p. I'm looking for real-life experiences with either/both to help me make a decision.

    I'm looking for the following features primarily:

    1. Accuracy of routing directions
    2. Ability to hear voice prompts at highway speeds via the Treo's speaker
    3. Good POI database
    4. Stability
    5. Ability for maps to work well on my PQI 4GB SD card

    All input welcome!
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    I went from tomtom5 to Mapopolis Navigator 2.35
    I love Mapopolis.
    There support is light years ahead of tomtom
    Mapopolis uses Navteq maps and not telatlas maps so there directions tend to be a little more accurate.
    Mapopolis has proven to be stable. It goes right back to it's job when an incomming call is completed.
    It's POI database is a little harder to use but very good.
    (it may be user error on my part comming from tt5)
    You can store your maps on the sd card.In fact you can download maps to the sd card.

    You can only hear the directions at highway speed if you have the windows up and the radio down. (that holds true for any gps software)
    For long trips I play my treo through the radio using a cassette adapter.
    You can also just wear a earphone if you need the top down and the radio going at the same time.

    Mapopolis screens are not as fancy as tt's
    Mapopolis lets you demo there software before you buy it.
    Mapopolis costs $89

    For what it's worth I had narrowed it down to Emtac Navigator 3.0 and Mapopolis 2.35
    I couldnt finda demo of Emtac so I got Mapopolis

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