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    Has anyone else had trouble with the bugme messenger? I can't get my bugme account to set up. I use MSN as my dial up account with my handspring visor connected to my cell phone and sprint service. So my network preferences are all for dialing MSN. The BugMe program connects to MSN, I sign on just fine, then it says ďsending account infoĒ but next I get a "please wait" message then my phone eventually disconnects. I don't have a problem with my phone disconnecting any other time I use it to connect wirelessly. Anyone have any suggestions? The e-mail address Iím using on bugme is my work address, which I canít actually access directly from my visor. I have to forward my mail at my desk to a yahoo account, then I check it using Eudora and yahoo on my visor. But it didnít look like that should make a difference.

    I like the program, but without the e-mail function, it's not worth the $30!!

    Marcy Fields
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    I also purchased Bug Me! Messenger; it seems you are closer than I am. I don't have the cords or the account set up to connect through my cell phone (although I would like to learn how, what phone service provider if it matters, and what cords I would need).

    I emailed BugMe! Messenger and was told that I can only send notes through my hotsync cradle (which is what I usually do for normal email) if I have an app such as "mocha PPP" installed. However, this program is not compatible with visors. So I'm told I need to get the visor modem installed. Our service area isn't very good yet so I really don't want to purchase the modem since it won't do me too much good at this time.

    Any other ideas? Or apps that might work?


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