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    Hello all. Finally got a GPS setup for my Treo 650. I ended up getting the GlobalSat BT359 for my bluetooth receiver and TomTom Navigator 6 for my software. Both are working excellent, I would highly recommend both. I read alot of posts complaining about Treo 650s crashing when running Navigator, but I have had no such problems. However, I dont run anything in the background while running Navigator (e.g RealTunes). I just use my ipod instead.

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    also on the market for gps receiver
    GlobalSat BT359

    is the device u bought real small, i have a few choices as well, does it work if u put in console or in glovebox?
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    hey there G-Spot ,

    Yes the BT-359 is quite small, I was actually surprised by how small it is. Its about the size of a business card. It does work if you put it in the glovebox or console. Its great!

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    nice thanks, i also looked into the holax, i think that is how u spell

    so many choices

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