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    I downloaded/purchased the new version of Kinoma this morning. I am rather disappointed in it, in general. As far as playing mp3 files stored on my SD card, pTunes is much better. After reading the review here on TC, I had very high expectations. Yes, they have the Media Guide, but it mostly points to links I would not really listen to anyway. Alot of non-US stations, etc. I tried to view some movies I had stored on my SD card, but it wouldn't play avi files (so I have to keep TCPMP loaded). I copied an wmv file to the card, but it said it was a non-supported format in Kinoma.

    About the only thing it does do well is play podcasts. I am very happy with this feature.

    One question - what is with the insufficient bandwidth message that keeps appearing whenever I try to play a live video feed in the Media Guide?

    I have to say it's pretty poor business not to offer a free demo. If I had to do it over again, I would not buy the program.
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    Hey Wolf, I have it and do like it. I understand your frustration though.

    I just setup a port of ( to be used with Kinoma. the feed if you're interested is ( You can use this in Kinoma using the 'open url' menu item.

    I have found that K does not play all file types as well, but I think that the media guide is a step in the right direction. By that, I mean the guide is a nice all-in-one place to find new content and store bookmarks.

    It's getting there. But, I'm still waiting to actually be able to see and use flash on the Treo!

    good luck to you.


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