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    I've had my unlocked 680 on T-mobile since 12/4; knock on wood, things were going well without major dissapointments. As of last night I began experiencing "temporary freezing" while sending SMS- after sending an SMS the phone would freeze for anywhere between 5 and 20 seconds before returning to normal. I have tried several soft resets, deleting whole SMS conversations, and even a hard reset. It still does it like 1 in 5 sent SMS. Has anyone else been experiencing this?
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    i've had my copper 680 since 11/30 on cingular, no problems like that here
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    Not with SMS, but I have experienced it in Blazer. I was incredibly frustrating as I wasn't impressed after I had invested the money. It seems to only do it when it's incredibly low on battery.
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    may the reason be a bad data transfer rate? Or connect problems to the sms-server or in the case of the blazer problem to the webserver ?
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    The only time I have noticed any freezing is when I try to launch Blazer with the phone turned off. This seems to cause the Treo to get confused and it stalls and I get a white screen for about 30 seconds, after which it finally starts up properly. I've found the best way to go about this is to turn on the phone first, and then launch Blazer. I'm guessing that the same thing might happen when trying to launch any program that connects to the internet.

    I've not had any problem in the Messaging/SMS app. In fact, one of my SMS threads has at least 100-200 messages by now and other than a brief "loading chat log" popup message, perhaps lasting about 2 seconds, it opens right away with no delay.
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    With chattemail running in the background sometimes a program I'm in will slow or freeze up while it's accessing the internet. It works itself out after a few seconds.

    Are there any background or automatic programs running on your Treo?
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    using blazer here too cause my 680 to freeze

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