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    My wife and I each have 700p's and on hers, when she has an alert, her device wakes up, and won't shut off until Keyguard is hit, but this means the screen could be on for hours (or overnight), if she's not using it. On mine, screen stays off, and I just get the green LED flashing. Only differences we have is that I get my email with Chatter, and she with Outlook, both with timed syncs
    Any thoughts?
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    Is this behavior true for all alerts, or just email?

    My 700p (Sprint), for calendar and text message alerts, will turn on the screen so I can see the alert, but turn it off after the interval I've set in preferences / power. That's the behavior I've seen in every other Treo and Palm device I've owned, too.

    I don't use a push email solution, or timed syncs, so I don't get mail alerts, but I'd expect them to work the same way. Does your wife have a program to force the screen on instead of letting it time out?
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