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    I was wondering if anyone has a working solution to streaming xm radio to your treo...for xmonline account holders?

    I have tried

    This works! You put in your info, in a matter of seconds i'm listening to my xm radio...however, i'm not clear on how it works. If it runs through ptunes it should run in the background?

    My guess is that b/c the streaming aspect of downloading through BLAZER is turned off when not on Blazer there a way to set blazer to run in the background?

    2nd thought about the software is when you hit the back ARROW it takes you back to the channel select page, but then automatically reloads the channel/page you were listening to. I look in the address bar and it kept the channel page url instead of actually going BACK one more page...again maybe you just have to hit the back arrow on the blazer really fast when it pops back up...kinda annoying, but hey its free! song info, just channel name

    b/c its an app running, no easy way to turn the screen off so its wasting power

    that's all i got...wish there was another way or a plug in for ptunes!
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    I'm glad I saw your post! I'm an XM'er and wondered about this! I'm sooooo excited!!! (Think I need to get back to work from

    I'm sorry I cannot answer your questions but hopefully someone can help us out. I just think it's great this at least works. Thank you. Thank you!!
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    I too enjoy listenening to XM on my Treo, but you are right-it keeps the screen lit & quickly drains the battery. I wish there was a way to turn off the screen. Also-does anyone know if Sirius has a similar site?
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    yeah its a great feature! i'll look for a sirius one for you!
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    Streaming is quite different then running in the background. Blazer has to be running in order for the download or "stream" to occur so yes it will remain lit and battery drain will be high.

    Ptunes will pull off of the SD card and run in the background when playing MP3's but this is different - you are connected to the net via the "stream" so no background mode least on a Palm Treo. It may be possible with a WM5 or PPC5 device but not possible with the Palm OS.
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    how much data does that use, is it expensive? ( i do not have unlimited data in my plan)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpizzaj View Post
    how much data does that use, is it expensive? ( i do not have unlimited data in my plan)
    If you plan on steaming anything, you really should have an unlimited plan w/ your provider. I'm w/ TMO & have their unlimited internet plan for $19.99 It really is a good deal because I will use my treo as a BT modem when I travel instead of ponying up any $$$ for hot spots. Connection speeds vary, but it is enough for me to get out emails & quick searches, etc....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpizzaj View Post
    how much data does that use, is it expensive? ( i do not have unlimited data in my plan)
    Don't even TRY streaming music without unlimited data. 10 minutes of listening could easily use 10m of data.
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    i just have problem here. you can't get the 19.99 unlimited data anymore...its 30 bucks and comes with hotspots...i don't need hotspots.

    the blackberry data plan supposedly works just fine though for 19.99 per my friend's mom on her treo.

    i've had tzones since 2001 maybe i'm grandfathered in with those terms? at that time it would do all internet..and that's what i get. others seem to have to go through a proxy or some other steps...give it a try you can always add a data plan.
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    posted by cesium1024 found here

    "I listen to Sirius on my Treo 650 all the time, but I setup an icecast2 server and use PalmVNC to change the channel. I use the desktop computer to download the WMA stream and re-encode it to 64Kbps MP3."

    i don't have the details how to do this yet...i have xm and it works fine through that website, i would rather have a separate app for xm though.

    i guess you can set that up!

    I can't find it, but can anyone confirm that TCPMP will stream sirius?

    otherwise can't you just go to and click listen online?

    i would rather have a plugin for pocket tunes that will play that xm stream, but i can make it to that website so its all good...that treat though makes a good point. if you download it to the computer and then export as mp3 you can have it put the mp3's on a website that you can go and download them through out the day. If they are played as mp3's then you can use less batter than streaming!
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    has anyone tried this for xm radio?

    i found it on an old 650 posting.
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    i think that when you go to that website and open a channel, it streams to pocket tunes i guess, the version that came with the phone. I have not upgraded to deluxe yet. that's what plays the file at least...

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