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    I'm biting... I think.. But one thing I need to find is a skin, and preferably very similar to the one I have on my 650.

    It has NOTHING across the keys, I hate that.. I want to be able to press the keys without pressing through the skin. So far all the silicone skins I've seen for the 680 are like that.

    Here's an example of the skin I'm looking for.. (ebay link... NOT my auction, just an example of the skin I'm looking for!)

    Anyone seen anything like this? Or if you do in the future, drop a note here?
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    I'm still looking.. Browsed ebay exhaustively and crawled around the net too.

    Right now I've chopped up the eGrips I never used on the 650, but I think I still want a skin.
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    When you find it, let me know. I had no trouble using a button-covering skin with the 650, but the 680's buttons seem closer together and less-raised; I was constantly launching the mail app when I meant to press 5way-right. I've stopped using it...but I don't like leaving my latest toy unprotected.
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    I considered altering one but easy to mess up... Maybe get two and try.
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    this is exactly what im looking for too
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    that's funny. I thought most 3rd party skins didn't cover the buttons. haha, I actually like that feature!
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    Have you guys checked JavoEdge, BoxWave and ZCover?
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    hmmm i think ill buy oen and just cut out tje 5 way button and the others around it
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    this one doesnt cover the 5 way
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    Quote Originally Posted by sigma pi View Post
    That looks very similar to the case that the original poster mentioned. Do they make one for the 680?
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    exact same one

    but i think tahts what he is looking for

    i want one for my 680 too hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Here's an example of the skin I'm looking for.. (ebay link... NOT my auction, just an example of the skin I'm looking for!)
    Have you actually used the exact make of skin they are advertising here, on a 650? If so, can you recommend it? Ive been using the Boxwave silicon skin, which Im pretty happy with, but this one looks even better, and they have lots more in stock.


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    i ordered an ebay one so ill let you know how it goes

    ill be sure to round off the cuts hehe

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